Selling Ice Blocks To Eskimos

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I don’t think anyone will argue that the snowboard business in Southern California is a roll of the dice. The seasons seem to be shifting later and later and now with the economic downturn it would seem that you would have a better chance making money selling ice blocks to eskimos. So here is my solution if we want to keep snowboarding alive in Southern California, I propose that the snowboard industry come together and pool there resources to build an indoor snowboard park. Yes i know that it can be argued that it was attempted before (Gotcha Glacier) but that’s the problem with our mind sets over here, we always want to make it bigger and better, which intern means more money and more delays. Europe and Asia have had indoor facilities for years now and they have somehow figured out how to do it, as you can see in the video above. Just think about all the new participants that we can bring into the sport which means more apparal and hardgood sales. Also this means retailers can sell product year around now as opposed to trying to cram everything into a one month window before having to blow it all out at 50% off. So if anyone out there has some money lying around, that sees the potential in this, grab your check book and lets do it!

Japan figured it out...a century ago.
Japan figured it out...a century ago.

Dude. you nailed it. This benefits everyone in the snowboard industry, and anyone that rides, and anyone having anything to do with snowboarding. Also, I am 14 and cant drive yet so i have to rely on my mom to take me to the mountain. (i dont get to go very much..) with a facility like this i and many other people wpuld get to ride a lot more.

Im pulling for anyone to get this going.

Eskimo’s may find your comment offensive, fair warning. Still this is a good idea, and I know of a group of entrepreneurs who are attempting to re-vitalize the Gotcha Glacier project. Will they succeed?