Scuba Steve Picks a Winner!

Scuba 890

Finally, the moment has arrived, Scuba Steve has chosen a winner! He came in to choose one winner among the hundreds upon hundreds of entries that were submitted. He narrowed the field to his top picks, and ultimately, chose his favorite video. Now one lucky winner will have his very own VX1000 courtesy of Scuba Steve.After hours of deliberation, Mexican food, Red Bull’s, video watching and re-watching, Scuba decided upon four videos that were his top picks. From there, the four got narrowed down to two videos, then down to the one and only winner who reigns supreme.[zp]scubasteve[/zp]

Without further ado, the winner of the Scuba Steve Contest chosen by Scuba himself is:

Comment #890 – Dieter Galvan


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Congratulations to Dieter, and thanks to everyone that entered. This was the first contest of its kind we’ve done here at Active, and thanks to everyone that entered for making it such a huge success. We will also be posting the runner up videos in the Clip of the Day section in the very near future, so stay tuned!

Want to watch all the entries? Check out the thousand or so entries here.

well i loved the video and i think he really does deserve what he won and i respect him for that and if anyone knows the name of the song please email me at [email protected] and tell me.

doesn’t matter if he had a camera made out of gold and diamonds, he deserved that camera because he worked hard to put together a video that was apparently better than everyone else’s.

Ok, for all those who say he shouldnt of won because he already has a good cam, are kinda wrong. He worked hard for that **** he has, and thats what makes him a good filmer, because he works for what he loves.

– Joey

“Man I should of won that vx. I lost my camera by dropping it in the grand canyone when I was saving a bus of babies from falling of the cliff. Not to mention I donated my other cameras to charity so they could film adoption program thingys. My footages was lyk a billionz timmez better by they wayz”
-haha that’s what you all whiney whores sound like


helz yeaaa deet! yeaaa man don’t even worry about these haters, cuz thats what haters do, haTe. on the other hand man its so awesome that u won, this is going to put you on tha map foreal, way to go bro, im buying you a 40!

sick video. his intro with the voice over was sort of cliched and he did sound like a homo.

come on this wasnt only sick editing and skating it made a point that all us skaters should agree with thats why they won

calm your **** bro. im sure he’s a nice dude but i watched every video and there were plenty that blew his away. eat a **** btch

and if yall even knew deet im positive yall wouldnt be talkin all this hot **** cause he’s honostly probably one of the nicest person i know…and those of you complaining about him getting a vx cause he already has one oh well, and yall really need to get your **** strait, way more than 3/4 of that video was his footy.

He doesnt need anothe VX in one of the fist few clips he has one
give it to somone who need one

Mmm last day of school no more Active news entertainment. -:Closing comment:- Critic makes Skate filming sound like a super gay hobby with his college comment. Filming isnt gay but i have high Suspicions he might be..Hmm Haa this is still going on i love it!

Jesus saves, but this video sucks! terrible. nice try kid but u need to go to college and learn how to use ur camera

some corny ball shiet. filming was ok. the edit was weak. definitly not the true winner of this contest. you guys suck

LMFAO The Angry Skateboarder does it again XD! This fight is still goin on lol makes my 1st period class go by so fast lmfao Cry got busted!


Here is the bottom line. No one cares what you think the contest should have been based on. You didn’t create the contest, eS and Active did. No where in the rules was there anything that said anything about the person who deserves the camera the most will win it. All of this bickering back and forth about who deserved it and who didn’t is completely irrelevant. I’m going to say this one more time, and never address the issue again.


If you think you deserved to win because your camera got stolen, or your skating was better, or you had an idea that was never used before or whatever sob story you want to whine about, call Extreme Makeover Home Skate Edition.

they do a great job of turning people’s tragedies into triumphs.

That is all.

You lost man — stop whining. I watched the “loops” video when it was posted and I got the impression you were some rich kid with expensive equipment and didn’t know how to use it. Just because your stuff is clearer or steadier and has better tricks doesn’t mean it is creative or worth any kind of prize. It just means you have more money and better connections. Props to the kids making due with cheap gear and beating the egomaniac Crybaby.

and thanx guys for ur input on liking my vx1 night footage im known putting the vx1 to work at night been filming for a while man. I mainly entered it because it was a skate filmer contest i seen it last minute went for it. I bet you if u wanna see some stuff from me Angry Skateboarder MOD i would blow ur mind I film HD/HVX, and VX1 fish shots. I am a very inspired skateboard filmer. And im not really the type to ***** but yea man personally Matt Dao, Patches wasnt too bad, and a few others deserved it a lot more then this kid im over it guys I had fun :) go skate/go film :)

Angry skateboarder nerd my video was the little video with the last trick being switch back 360 down redondo im sure a lot of people remember it. And im not bitching its just wack how a kid wins and didn’t even film most of the things in the video me, matt and 3 other people are kind of bummed but its all good man its only a vx1.

No its just that me and matt found it unfair so yea of course people are gonna complain we all knew this kid didn’t film all those clips. Anyways im sure we aren’t the only ones mad ya know? I honestly woulda liked seeing Matt Dao win since his cameras were stolen, I never said my entry was the best so that is a lie. I own a HVX200, my last vx1 ya it went so i entered this last minute also. I honestly would of liked seeing Matt or John win it rather then this kid winning using other footage he didn’t film but whatever man u guys know best ya know.

so he makes a fake comment saying “loops video reminded me of Transworld videos”, as if it was a compliment? and then he bags on the winner because his video is too much like a transworld video? what a hipocrite idiot. get over it you loser. this is probably the same kind of kid that cries when his daddy or mommy doesnt get him what he wants.

I really wanted to Post Crybaby’s video but he removed it from you tube. Wonder why? Anyway I thought this was funny. These are some of the posts from a certain IP address aka “Crybaby” Using all kinds of different names and pumping himself up sick to win. Running an internet news site is so much fun!!!!

nicole | [email protected]

patches wasnt the best all i can say is loops video reminded me of Transworld videos and marks was also really good

May 3, 7:11 PM — [ | View Post ]

Jacobs | [email protected] | IP:

in that case loops and matt dao i think best filming from every entry. i never seen anyone capture filming vx1000 at night that amazing looking im sorry loops gots talent dao gots really good shots but his lines can be a little shakey.

May 3, 4:06 PM — [ | View Post ]

Jacobs | [email protected] | IP:

top 3 Dao, Loops, and Asa is pretty good but ima be honest dude the filming wasnt that good considering u were filming some good *** skaters but i seriously dont think nothin compares to switch back 360 redondo. also adam dyet sw back heeled 7 flat 2

May 3, 2:14 PM — [ | View Post ]

Aaron | [email protected] | IP:

Patches ur video sucked, park footy and skating wasnt even good. The contest is for best skate footage. Loops, and Matt Dao in my opinion. Both of those dudes show talent with filming matt dao is a little shakey but yea I think matt dao and loops will be final picks. switch back 360 a 14? yea man deffinatly amazing

May 3, 8:39 AM — [ | View Post ]

ATL REP | [email protected] | IP:

loops video was really good tricks were incredible, filming was very amazing. He put that vx1 to work at night which is a lotta skill involved how clear everything was. for sure tight and on page 44 there was one cool vid too many to watch

May 2, 11:00 PM — [ | View Post ]

why would you hold a contest asking for “the best skate footage” and then eliminate all the best filmed stuff just because it was filmed with a decent camera? that doesnt make any sense. you can film good stuff with cheap ones, you just need to be more creative

A vx1000 should go to someone who desrves a good camcorder and isnt allready bein filmed with decent cameras

This guy is a good skateboarder. But he was being filmed on pro camcorders allready, someone who was filmin with a non pro cam should of one to be honest.

You guys are all hating too much!
This guy deserved to win.
I watched a lot of those entries and
I cant tell you how many shakey camera’s,
chopped off heads and weak edits I saw.
He entered and won, Live with it fools!

**** the haters deet you won and the people here talking **** (CRYBABYcoughcough) are getting nowhere..i love you

ohhhh maaaaaaaaan, i hate hearing people talk about liking skateboarding. haha crybaby is a funny guy. the rules didnt say the only way you could win is if you had a camera but it got stolen or you cannot win if you have a vx. i mean, they should have though, right crybaby?

can anyone claiming that the footage was stolen actually PROVE IT? all you are doing right now is looking like a sore loser dumbas$ that has to make up a reason why they didnt win. crybaby im still waiting to see you r entry if its so good. you also got totally owned by active.

Haha congrats to the winner. Im getting such a laugh watching Crybaby ***** and moan and get owned. Good times on Active news…Cry you should hook up with Cameron