Santa Crawls & the pipe tournament.

Last night here in Reno was the Santa Crawl. It’s an annual event charity benefit for the families of fallen law enforcement officers in the area. There were hundreds, actually more like a couple thousand people dressed up in christmas outfits running around downtown and partying. This year 27 bars were a part of it.

It was insane. Stephen Duke came to town to check it out. Here’s a few photos from the night.








Then this morning I saw some boarding on the television. I think it was the Grand Prix pipe contest. Todd Richards was announcing, which was the only reason it was entertaining. He was pretty funny, like calling out the girls for riding below their potential. Kelly even admitted it in her victory speech, lame. Torah would have killed them.


Danny Davis had a bad ass run. He messed up on one of his big tricks and lost his speed, but ended up doing what I thought was the coolest line in the entire contest; which was a Miller flip to an elgerial.