San Dimas Battle of the Boards

 The Wild Stallions hit me up about a battle of the bands, but I told them to kick rocks cuz I was jammin to the SD park for the battle of the boards. Ofcourse I ran a double pits to chesty, it’s the best move a guy can make, before I ran up on these totally shredding skaters and was all. “You guys ready to batlle, cuz I gots gnarly prizes from Sabre Vision, Royal, and Active. Oh and trip on this Toy Machine and Fallen proffesional Billy Marks is on his way to sign his John Hancock all over this place dude!  Where’s  Shady Dave?”

 After the carnage, Denzel was all like, “I won!” and stuff. But then Steven Muro was all “Second dude”, and Little Mark was like, “Third turds and I don’t even care cuz I was Mexican Blanket Champion when Frijoles Blancos came around and set this place on fire. What now?” Excellent!!

P.S. San Dimas High School Football RULES!

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