Salty Bake City

I’m out in SLC at the moment, been here a few days working with the People Creative crew. I picked up Eiki Helgason in Reno, and brought him out to meet up with Jon Kooley and Will Tuddenham, and filmer Pierre Minhondo.

We came out with the intentions of getting the first day of sun after a storm, and a little bit of last season powder. Well, we got here and it’s probably 80 degrees. I now have a sunburn and dehydration.

Here’s a couple B photos from the past couple days.

20090420_utah_046Jon Kooley

Pierre Minhondo giving Eiki Helgason an instant replay of his shot. Buy the new People movie to see it.

We showed up to this hip jump, and a full Japanese film crew was sessioning it. Turns out Yugi (shown here) is on the Nitro team and friends with the guys. They ended up all hitting it together. I even sent a few frontside airs off it at the end of the day… still got it.

P.S. Last week I assisted Andy Wright in a DC team photoshoot, and he’s being kind enough to let me couch surf his place while being here. Check out this amazing photo gallery of some of his photos that didn’t get published in the last mags–>

I only hit mellow gaps when it comes to straight jumps. Hitting hips are super fun, go what ever size you want! I just tweak out stylish grabs.