Ryan Sheckler Double Pits to Chesty

Are these guys for real?

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sheckler you got your millions now just leave skating to actual skaters noone cares about your rich drama ass

ya but is it really worth making the money to make skatebording look gay
and i support ryan’s skating but not the gay stuff he does

i love this ad…haha stop hatin on sheckler its getting old. i dont see anyone else kickflipping that gap he did?

what the ****?

i did this switch down el toro
no warm up
first try

where the hell is my endorsement deal?

the industry is slippin hard

You can sell out without making skateboarding look so G-A-Y! P-Rod & Koston are laughing all the way to the bank too, but look at how much better the Nike SB commercial was. At least they still have their dignity.

pshhhh….whatever. All of you would do that **** for the amount of money he probably got paid. While you call him a sellout, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

why would they make this ****?
this is making skateboarding look really gay
somebody needs to remind sheckler that he’s being a fagot again with a punch in the face
and why is lutzka and rogers doing this ****? do they wanna turn into sell outs too?

Sheckler has nice nipples, Lutzka screwed me over after a demo soo forget him. I wish Sheckler would have landed on him. I cannot wait to see him. I will let him double pits to chest me all dayyy.