RVCA Team Signing Photos

Ed Templeton, Kevin Spanky Long, Austin Stephens and Julian Davidson all showed up to represent RVCA and to hang out with the good people of Huntington Beach for the afternoon. The Strand, which is the shopping area that Active HB is in, had their grand opening all day long so many people were filtering through the line that wanted to meet the guys and get a custom Ed Templeton drawing for themselves. Check out Ed’s photos from the day and Jimmy from RVCA’s photos as well. Thanks to Jimmy, RVCA and the team for coming out and making this event a success!

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Wow… HB Park Remains… they tore it down to expand their football field. Bummer. The park was actually pretty fun for it’s day. Does anyone know what’s up with a new HB park?

What’s the name of the dude who took those pictures? I’ve seen him at so many events/shows, but I never got the chance to meet him, personally. I was also at the Strand with Fearless Records. Email me and tell me, please(=