RVCA Team Demo and Signing!


The RVCA Team is back at Active and this time it's for the first Active demo of 2007 at Active Tustin.

The demo is on April 21st from 2-5pm.

Make sure you come out and see Ed Templeton, Raymond Molinar, Leo Romero, Cairo Foster, Josh Harmony, Keegan Sauder, Ethan Fowler, Austin Stephens, and Kevin “Spanky” Long shred the street course for your enjoyment.

Active Tustin
2893 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782

im going. which three guys are from toy machine?

im also psyced about earth day tomorrow: trade in a used pair of shoes and get $10 toward a new pair of shoes

im getting a mystery lindsey robetson wonderland board BOOOOYYYYYAAAAA

I hear its going to rain in the morning in most parts of the OC, in this case in Tustin.Will the demo be cancelled?If it does would they at least still have the signing?

Im super excited for this demo & signing to happen, the main reason why i want to go is because 3 people from Toy Machine Will be there and I LOVE TOY MACHINE!!!!! suffer the joy *************