RVCA Russia Tour Blog!

RVCA russia

RVCA clothing just finished their Russia skate trip featuring Leo Romero, Cairo Foster, Keegan Sauder, among others. Jimmy the RVCA Team Manager sent us a link to their blog you want to check out.

Enjoy! ???????????????!

WoRD- Your just a hater to!!you and Juan should kick it,fagots!What do you guys do for work??McDonald’s isn’t a real job.go back to school.Your just jealous of his hansum looks, his sk8in, and how smart he his.Thats rite im totally stickin up for him, hes a great guy!!

Juan Is Lame!!Lets see youR skate footy? huh? Thats what i thought.Austin is such a sweet heart, he has more manners then most people i know, and also has one of the most unique sTyles in skate boarding. I know him personally and have been cutting his hair for about 3 years.Dont talk **** on him, cause he would never say ANYTHING bad about n e one.But I would!!Juan get a life, douche!

Juan is right… Austin stephens has been going downhill ever since “Good and Evil” I think hes rad and he does have a good style but honestly in “suffer the joy” he does a varial heelflip on a park bank and thats it. Thats not footy, Thats warm-up…maybe. Its pretty hard to watch his parts recently. And Beloe is the worst idea i have ever heard of… The shoes look like Pac-Sun made them. Lame. You guys who idolize skaters should consider more than good looks.

Foir all of you dudes out there (BRandon) here’s some juicy info about A-Stone no he is not on emerica anymore his has jumped ship on a new shoe company and is heading it up along with Ethan Fowler…… i wont tell you what the companys name is that is all for now

-Mysterious secret teller

thats a good question, i just noticed that too.

and to juan – i cant believe you actually think that. austin stephens seriously has one of the best overall styles in skateboarding, but i guess youve looked past that. is his footage “boring” to you because he has more in his parts than only big handrails and big stair sets? do us all a favor and stop hating on other skaters on the internet, the skateboarding community can do without your ignorance.

Austin Stevens sucks. Im guessing he dropped from a bunch of sponsors because his skate footage is totally boring, and half of his video parts are just super 8 footage of him riding a bicycle in europe while wearing a stupid hat.

I wonder if Austin is still on Active? He’s not listed on the team riders page. And he’s not on the Emerica website anymore. Maybe he’s not on Emerica anymore? Hmm… he still hasn’t put out a pro shoe and he’s been pro and much older than say, Josh Harmony, who’s still very young (not to say Austin isn’t)