RVCA Demo – Wrap Up

Leo Signing a forehead

The RVCA Team came out to Active of Tustin and brought the heat, in the heat. They skateboarded for a few hours and showed the crowd why they are the professionals, and why we are the spectators. Leo “Demo” Romero was ripping in spite of a rolled ankle. Keegan Sauder came all the way from Canada sporting a Boston shirt (the band, not the city) to show Tustin some love. Active's Johnny Layton, who doesn't even skate for RVCA was there throwing it down for the OC. Ed Templeton, Raymond Molinar, Ethan Fowler, Austin Stephens, David Reyes, and Kevin Long, who is recovering from some knee surgery, were all also there representing RVCA.[zp]rvcademo[/zp]RVCA brought out a ton of free stuff for the spectators and RVCA enthusiasts. Our own Luchador, Corey Cady, was there on the mic making sure the crowd was hyped and showing the skaters some love for throwing it down and getting broke off for their entertainment.Unfortunately, Josh Harmony was in China on a Fallen Team trip and Cairo Foster could not make it to the demo, but there's always next time. In the meantime,go buy yourself some RVCA product!Check out some extra photos/coverage from the event that were posted online.All photos: Erica Yary

Erica i saw that move.. posting the photos of the photographer dubbing you as “hot girl” but then again you are just that so no complaints here