RVCA Demo & Signing Photos

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The RVCA Team came out in all their glory to Active Escondido, this past Sunday April 27th, for a hundred-degree demo. Aside from the heat, the guys skated it up (uphill) and did their best without getting heatstroke midway through the demo. Leo Romero killed it as usual. If you have the chance to check out any demos that Leo is skating in you should make sure to attend, he is great. Josh Harmony, Ethan Fowler, Raymond Molinar, and Kevin Long were also in attendance skating for the crowd. This was Kevin’s first demo in over a year and Active was happy we got to have his comeback performance, he too killed it. Austin Stephens also showed up to the demo but he couldn’t skate due to a hurt foot, but he did sign it up for everyone. For now check out the photos. We will have a video from the demo posted later this week.

Check out RVCA’s photos from the event. Look out for coverage of the demo on FUEL tv soon as well! Thanks to Jimmy for being the best dude ever.

Photos: Jeremy Adams and Erica Yary