RVCA Demo @ Active Ride Shop Escondido

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Check out all the action from the RVCA demo that took place at Active Ride Shop Escondido. Leo Romero and Kevin “Spanky” Long got down it. Spanky, in top form after suffering some injuries this past year. The guy is a straight up biker now, so I don’t know if “Spanky” still applies, but whatever, he’s rad. Let’s change it to “Snake”! Our own Anthony Pshebelski (pronounce She Bell Ski! The P is silent!!) threw down like the hungry Am he is. Look out for him to rule the skate planet. Oh, he’s the young man cranking out the switch front side big heels and wearing the killer head band. I know… I’m a brown noser! Watch the video sucka!!

P.S. Leo is the gnarliest!