Unless you’ve been in Colorado or Europe, you probably haven’t been or seen any real snowboarding recently.  To fill that void, Boreal just had their 4th annual JPI (Jibassic Pro Invitational).   For the public they even had a big ass patch of snow on the mountain with a few rails and even a jump.  Considering that lack of anywhere being open, they have the best riding anywhere on the west coast right now.

The contest was cool.  Something like 3000 people showed up for it.  The setup was pretty legit, street style and was a jam format. It looked fun.  Reno local am Andrew Brewer beat all the pros and took the cash. After that it was either the local Truckee after party (boring) or to Reno to see the Burton movie premier and a couple rock shows.  A few pros came out, Heikki Sorsa (ACTIVE PRO), Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Chris Demolski, Dave Downing, Stephen Duke (ACTIVE PRO), et cetera, et cetera.  “It’s always snowing somewhere” was a cool movie, but what was cooler was that the Supersuckers played after.  They rocked.  Also rocking was Hunks of Metal; a local rock band consisting of a few snowboarding legends, being Shawn Farmer, Bob Klein, Terry Kidwell, and other band mates who I don’t know if they ride.  My ears were bleeding by the time we went partying downtown.

Check the Transworld website to see my photo gallery of the night. Click this link- 

Heikki Sorsa

Heikki Sorsa with a friendly reminder, take note kids.

Stephen Duke

Stephen Duke parties harder than you, unless you’re a total junkie and are borderline dying every night… only then do you party harder.