Rob and Big Signing – Wrap Up

Rob and Big

Rob and Big came through for our signing with the duo this past Saturday, April 28th, and the masses flocked to Active of Westwood. The turnout was great and there were a ton of surprises that made the day memorable for everyone who witnessed the event.


We are not allowed to disclose everything that went down at the event, but there was a ton of unexpected stuff that seemed too good to be true. There were dogs, skateboarders, children, laughing, crying, chanting, autographs, winners, losers, posters, DC give-a-ways, Active Product Tosses, photographers, Mtv, numerous filmers, people lined up around the block, Steve Berra, etc. It was a fun filled day and people went home with arms fulls of free stuff.

Mtv was filming Rob and Big's signing and the episode is going to be for the season finale of next season. Active will keep you posted on when you will be able to catch the episode on Mtv.

Until next time, thanks to everyone who made this event possible. More Photos to come, soon!

All Photos: Alex Yang