Rob and Big Signing at Active Westwood

Rob and Big Singning

Meet Rob Dyrdek and Big Black, Saturday April 28th at Active Ride Shop in Westwood, CA at an exclusive autograph signing. Join MTV’s favorite duo as they film for the Season 2 finale of MTV’s ?Rob & Big?.ROB & BIG DC INSTORE APPEARANCETHIS SATURDAY APRIL 28 FROM 1PMACTIVE OF WESTWOOD1087 & 1083 Broxton, Los Angeles, CA 90024PH: 310.943.4575Tons of free giveaways by DC and ACTIVE. Also, be sure to be bring your skateboard and driver’s license for the ultimate giveaway. Spread the word!NO PURCHASE NECCESARY.VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.Spread the word!Be there to meet Rob and Big and help them close out the season in style!

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AWS Rob and Big Foil Deck

Rob and Big T-shirt

DC Rob & Big T-shirt

Rob and Big T-shirt

Rob And Big are tight to all you haters out there your just jealous

Terry Kennedy
4 ever
Later , Russell Garcia

yea i was their with some friends jus chillen BB was ****** awesome same wit Rob rob for helpin me tre-flip that 3

would it be cool if i got one of big blacks hats. you guys have gave me a free world to go skate in now that iv learned how to do a frontside boardslide down a 10 foot rail.
You gies are awsome.
i wish to see you but i have to work that day.YOu gies kick ***

it was awsome i got an active shirt a active hat skate videos and autographs it was so cool and alot of freaken stickers i cant belive that guy frank won robs tahoe it is so sick black on black it was a blast

brandon cowels, rob doesnt leave tips for skaters on this site. this is just a little message board.srry pal.heres a tip, keep skating and if your good someone will find you!

i was there it was pretty cool i won his car i appreciate all the people that congratulate me thats real love

I was there and it was sick. I got tons of free stickers, an active hat, an active shirt, a rob and big shirt, and a dc shirt. i got three dc shirts signed, two posters, and a sticker. big black is my homie. hes so cool. Rob should have actually tried in skate. it was too obvious that he didnt, but it was cool anyways.

i went there since it started until the end and i didnt get anything for free. if the tons of free giveaway was stickers then they gave out a lot, i came in w/ my skateboard broken in half, i broke it there

man i got there at 4 and they were gone.
man Rob gave his car away
that was the ULTIMATE prize
i should have let earlier
heard it was awsome

OH aaron i so know what you mean. and according to episode number one of season 1. he has a big package. (he was wearing a jock strap)

I am a Parent of 2 boys,The past 7 mounths I have been in bed with spinolisthesis,sacoma, cancer,Being a christian home we like to make sure are boys are watching the right stuff.

I have been sick for 5 years now and this time its the worst it has ever been.
Unable to vacation or just get out,we watch tv a few hours a day,but Rob an big I a show I would never miss ,and is a good show for the boys,there are some times parts ,but most of the show at 99% is grat.

I would love to surprise my boys to take them to meet you,but that long drive can hurt my back,but if we can take pictures with you guys ,it wold all be worth it for the boys.

god bless you guys


My son has watch you two and you show over and over again, Cam also has me the Mom watching too. We went out and bought your board with Meaty on it just to keep as a souvenier. You two are such an idol to many and it means alot to me that my son looks up to the both of you!!
You to are awesome!!!!
bye now!! Cam’s Mom

I love ROB, he is one sexy beast!!! Hopefully I will make it to meet him. SOMEONE LOVES ROB IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA***