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Rob and Big

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Rob and Big on MTV is one of the most talked about shows around, and after recently being picked up for a second season, you can bet you’ll be hearing a lot more from them soon. Rob and Big is the professional skateboarding lifestyle, (modified by script) on the always unnerving MTV. MTV used to stand for music television, but that’s an entirely different story all together, I’d like to beat them to death with their own shoes. Even though I am not one to venture onto the tele station of MTV, I did stumble across the show a few times and it’s not a half bad watch. More importantly, for skateboard fans, you get to see what your life can turn into if you’re a Rob Dyrdek kind of dude, or if you’re a Big Black kind of fella’ for that matter.

Rob Dyrdek shows you his daily life as a professional skateboarder muddled with scripted situations which always have comedic aftermath and emotional tidings to go along with it. It’s cute and happy and tells the story of a dude who gets to do what he wants to do. People enjoy these kinds of shows because their lives are nothing like theirs. For example, most people don’t get get paid to be flown out to Canada and get digitized into a skateboarding video game. The co-stars of the show are Rob’s live-in body guard/best friend “Big Black” (who is truly larger than life), and his sweet pet Bulldog, “Meaty” who is learning to skateboard. You can catch Rob and Big living the life Thursdays at 10:30 PM on MTV

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If you are bored you should play the Rob and Big Game on MTV’s website!

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Rob Dyrdek Skateboard Shoe

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Rob Dyrdek Skateboard Deck

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Rob Dyrdek Skateboard Deck

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rob and big is the funniest show ever. its hilarouis. i love it. its the best show ever made. i love rob. i love big too they both are so funny its great.

omg i love rob, he is amazingly hot.
too bad the SERIES finale was last night, i really wanna see more of them.
basiclly my favorite show of all time, and always will be.
but i congradulate big on his baby girl.! :]
i hope to see more of them in the future!

What is the shirt that Rob is wearing in this picture. I know Drama wears it sometimes too. I want to know where i can find them cause they are pretty sick

i agree with nick i just bought an alien workshop board and now seeing the new rob and big decks thats like wow.

Man Rob Dydrek is overrated. Hes just becoming the next Bam and its kinda sad. He shouldn’t be as famous as he is, Kalis is 10 times better.

thae shows is freakin awsome and Rob is an awsome skater. that MEATY deck is freakin pimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of hype, yeah, but Dyrdek’s paid his dues. He’s been a top pro in the skate game a long time and deserves to set up a retirement fund.