Riley Hawk Interview

We sat down with Active Pro Team rider, Riley Hawk at his new pad and talked about what he’s got going on & coming up. He will have an exclusive Baker x Active deck coming out very soon as well as his signature shoes for Lakai footwear. Riley will also be a character in the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. In the meantime, let’s catch up with Riley.


Current Residence:
Oceanside, California

Who are your roommates?
My roommates are my buddy Jacob (Nunez), Ducky, & Shay. They’re all friends from when we grew up skating, mutual friends & stuff like that.

Are you still tattooing?
No just ‘cause I just don’t have time and it’s a lot of money to maintain that stuff. I actually lost all the stuff I had from moving, so I haven’t had the time to get more equipment and get back into it. It’s like learning how to ride a bike and not doing it for a long time after, you just fall out of it. Lose habits that you forget and then it’s over… then someone has a shitty tattoo for life.


Current guitar, pedal, & amp set-up?
I haven’t used pedals in a while mainly because I don’t have enough cords, I just have one cord straight from the amp to the guitar. I have an Orange amp, a Rockerverb 100 & cabinet. I got it from Mario (Miller) with a significant discount ‘cause that stuff is pretty pricey, it was worth it for sure!

roommates bikes & Riley’s current build on the far right

Do you still ride motorcycles?
Yeah, I have one that I’ve been building for a long time that’s almost done. I’ve just been traveling a lot so it’s hard to spend the time on finishing it after but hopefully after the traveling mellows out I can finish it up and get it on the road.

What do you have going on this Summer?
Lots of tours! The Lakai & Emerica tour (Stay Flared), and then right after that, the Baker tour… and then after that it’s King of the Road (Thrasher) with Baker so it’s gonna be pretty insane. I probably just need a full body reconstructive surgery after this Summer. Should be pretty hectic.

You should do that thing that Guy Mariano does on the floater with epsom salt:
Yeah I’m gonna need that thing for sure.


Filming for any upcoming videos?
Baker & Lakai are making full length videos. I think Lakai’s video is coming out until a year and a half or so but Baker’s video will be out in 4 years, BAKER 4. They wanna make it a longer time than Bake & Destroy. Luckily I got a lot of time. Usually a lot of videos I’ve done has been in a shorter time frame so I’m stoked to be able to pick & choose the battles instead of killing yourself for a year straight.

What’s been your favorite trip overall?
Probably the last Lakai trip we just went on to Mexico. It was really fun, had a blast and it was super mellow filming trip for the Lakai video. Also a Happy Hour trip that we went on a couple months back which was super fun. We weren’t forced to skate if we didn’t want to but we obviously were down for it. We just all camped & slept in one cabin for a night in Big Sur, drove all over the Northwest. I got hurt on the trip but even then I still had one of the funnest trips so that’s saying something for sure.

What’s your dream location for a trip?
I’m pretty stoked on this Stay Flared drive from the west coast to east coast hitting cities along the way. I’ve never done that, I’ve always flown from city to city. There’s always spots I’ve seen wondering where they are like in Albuquerque or something so it’s pretty cool. On this road trip, we can go wherever we want.


Let’s talk surfing:
I grew up surfing my whole life and stopped for while but I got back into it when I hurt my ankle. It helped me go through my ankle injury without going crazy just ‘cause I can get some enjoyment again & have fun until it healed. It turned into my buddy making surfboards in the backyard that I’ve known for a while. That made it more fun too so we can try out weird shapes and not have to go to some surf shop and buy a board off the rack. I can just draw a weird design and try it out. Most likely it’ll suck but it’s still fun to test it. Which is kinda cool compared to skating when there’s one standard skateboard. With surfboards, every single one is different and you get a lot of different feel while riding. Surfing in general is super fun. It’s a good way to stay exercising when you’re hurt to skate. When you’re not skating, you’re pretty much just sitting on your ass.

Tail Fin made out of old Baker boards he used…

How did you get into shaping surfboards?
My buddy that I’ve known for a while has been doing it and I asked him to show me how. It’s overwhelming at first. There’s a lot that goes into it, you got to be really precise. You almost gotta have that perfectionist personality, otherwise you just half-assed it and it probably won’t come out as good as it should. I haven’t really shaped too much, only a couple boards. I like to watch him shape them more and give him ideas. Like I said with traveling a lot, it’s one of those things that really take time to do. I haven’t been really able to dive in it fully but I’d like to for sure.

and that was your first glass board?
That was the first board that I haven’t had his help on anything and just made this super weird little board. I know could make a decent board if it was just a normal pin tailed board, but with that one I just wanted to make something weird & crazy with weird cut tails so it was super hard to glass it. Probably after that one I’ll try to make a normal one and see how it turns out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.14.24 PM

What do you like about Active?
I like all the clothes they make, they’re all super good quality like this flannel I’m wearing is probably my favorite flannel. It’s torn up but I can’t get rid of it. I got it 3 years ago or so. The stuff they make is just nice, not super flashy. Good flannels. Good pants. Good jackets. I dig that ‘cause it’s kinda hard to find in skating. Standard clothes, no crazy logos. The team is super rad, a bunch of friends on the team, makes it more easy to be down for it pretty much.

Rad, thanks for having us Riley! Be on the lookout for his new Baker x Active board & Lakai shoes coming in soon!
Also check back on the blog for a Day In Life video segment with Riley next week…

Riley Hawk signature Lakai’s coming in very soon…