Rick Howard Lakai Shoe Test @ Girl HQ

Active Team Riders & Shop Employees were invited for a night at Girl Headquarters to test out the new Lakai Howard Shoe. Photos from that night!

Rick Howard Lakai Shoe Test Wear w/ Active

Lakai Rick Howard Shoe Test Wear

Lakai Or Die

Warehouse stuff
warehouse stuff


Active Shop Riders

100 Kickflips
100 Kickflips & counting…

Reed Thomas

Rick Howard Lakai Shoe Test w/ Active
The shoes are lookin’ fresh

Brian Servellon front shov bigspin to fakie 4th try called it...
Brian asks how many tries will it take to land this front shov boardslide to fakie… I told him 4. He did it in exactly 4 tries. I called it!

Denzel White & Rick Howard
Denzel & Rick

Rick Howard Lakai Shoe Test w/ Active

Stevie Perez

Foot Grab
Foot grab

Guy Mariano!

Denzel White boostin' up on things...
Checkin’ out Denzel

Lakai or die
Lakai Or Die

Rick Howard & Guy Mariano!
That’s a wrap! We end it with Rick Howard & Guy Mariano!