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Jim Greco is headed home to visit family and friends and to celebrate his Birthday on December 25th. Jim has been collecting hammer after hammer over the past few months, as well as putting together, with Mr. Erik Ellington, the most amazing sunglasses company to ever come out of the skateboard world. The name of the company is Brigada and the product is second to none. We checked it out last week and it's amazing. So keep a watchful eye out for it.Erik Ellington will be chillin' in Hollywood at home with his wife and son. In between laying low and healing from a slam he took last week, you might catch Erik putting in some serious training at The Berrics during the holiday season. So keep an eye on Erik is also a handyman remodeling his Hollywood home. His house is so sick and even has a proper flat ground area to warm up for a skate mission.Andrew Reynolds, much like Erik will be chillin' at home on Christmas with his wife, little girl, and other family members. Andrew was recently spotted snowboarding in the local mountains with his wife at Bear Mtn. After a day of snowboarding, Andrew let us know that he will stick to skateboarding and leave snowboarding for the snow bros. Andrew enjoys jumping down stairs rather than freezing on a chair lift.[zp]andrewerikjim[/zp]Photos: Mark Rabe