Reynolds Cruisers – You Need to Buy This

The Emerica Reynolds Cruisers have arrived. Active Pro Andrew Reynolds introduces his 6th shoe on Emerica footwear. It has a bit more of a casual look with less padding around the heel & tongue but still has that great feel you loved about the Reynolds Lights or Reynolds 3’s. It’s made with a vulcanized gum sole, suede or canvas upper, thin padded tongue & collar and comes equipped with Sole Tech’s patent STI Foam insoles. Take it from Andrew…

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How sick is Andrews Backyard? I honestly can say that these are my favorite Emerica shoes to date. If you like minimalistic shoes or like any of the old Reynolds, you should pick a pair up. We have 4 colors & they are priced under $60.

Reynolds Cruisers Black-White-GumReynolds Cruiser Maroon-Black-WhiteReynolds Cruisers Navy-White-GoldReynolds Cruisers Black-Black-Grey

Best Quote Ever – “You need to buy this”

11/28/09 UPDATE – More colors Available in our Reynolds Cruiser Shop Here

these shoes are sooooo good
i have em they are very comfortable
and they have pretty good support from the g2 footbeds

MaN ThEsE R waY BeTtEr Dan Da Vanz, But DamN, I WisH I haD Dem CheapERr, LIke 45$ Not 60$ Datz A LiTTle 2 Much, But It DoN ‘t MattEr Cuz ThEy R dOpE 2 Go out Wit Nd 2 sKaTe,lolz

those shoes are bad ass. off and on the board. i got a pair and they skate hella good. there a little thin though but that dont matter they can still shred.

yeah they look like vans but thats why i like them.
i wear vans when im not skating so ofcourse im down to get a pair.
but i also want them cause there from andrew reynolds and emerica so u know there gonna b good for skating.
if i skated my vans i would kill them in a week r two the cruisers look more skate-able.
“there casual n skate-able”
wat else would u want!

There is no denying where the influence of the newer “thin” styles came from. I think back & prior to this trend everyone was ripping off Sole Tech styles, so who cares. Shoes are developing & in my opinion are better than ever. Emerica… Vans… it’s all good.

Damn there sick but don’t they seem a little too expensive for not that much foot support?

Just because Vans made a thin shoe, does not mean they own “the thin shoe.” Companies can make whatever shoe they want, and I can certainly tell the difference between cruisers and vans. And to Scott Larock, why would i want to wear Vans? I walk outside, and babies got ’em on! No way, i’d rather support something that’s just pure skating. They aren’t rips.

i saw this video like 2 months ago. and i hate those shoes they look like vans rip offs, and reynolds usually makes awesome shoes i had all the shoes reynolds has made but i’m passing on these.

I have the black/white and blue/gold ones! these shoes are sick to skate!!! they are like the Laced on steroids!!!