Reynolds Answers – Part 3

Hope you enjoyed this installment of “Ask the Pros” with Andrew Reynolds… Sorry if some of your questions didn’t get answered… but there were over 700 questions.

Big Thanks to Andrew for taking the time to answer as many as he could… and thanks to everyone who submitted questions!!!  Be sure and check back next week…we’ll post who the winner is for Andrew’s favorite question.

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it’s in part two… but since you’re a music fan…i’ll see what i can do about gettin’ you a few of Altamont’s limited 10″s that they put out in there catalog…cool stuff with tim kerr, mika miko, fucked up, no age,etc… no promises though… i’ll email you…

did you realised that last three sentences of the interview:

that´s it.

seems like he was very happy that it was over.

That last question, was pretty good to finish everything off. Anyway thanks for asking all the questions.