Retro Neoproto photo and(o) Minhondo vimeo

  Pierre Minhondo didn’t just pop up in the snowboard movie scene without paying his dues. Before making the latest People film “Down With People” along with Justin Eeles, they made the Neoproto series, and prior to that Pierre made “Mixed Elements” under the Leviathon Project name.     

Santa Cruz ams Stephen Duke, Curtis Woodman, and myself all lived together at the time. I had just come off filming for the Standard films project “Blacklight”, and thought I was the cool shit so I was filming for a few movies: “Declaration”, T9’s “Gen Pop”, 411, and also put some time into Pierre’s movie. In hindsight I should have scrapped all those other videos and focused just on my “Mixed Elements” part, but whatevers… After this video dropped (2002) people were so down for it, Neoproto was formed the next year and the rest is history.  Editing this movie was really fun. I sat in and was a guest editor along with True Love, and all the little things made this movie great. Check out the montage section and see if you can recognize the now famous snowboard pros.  

Mixed Elements from NEOPROTO on Vimeo.

  The next year we had the best snowboard flop house. Here’s an old photo from then; Jacqui Berg, Chris Hotel, & Lexi Waite.