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Mr. Ernie Torres Professional Status

All of us here at Real Skateboards are both proud and relieved to announce that Ernie Torrest has accepted our strongarm tactics and will step up into the pro ranks. 

It was a bit of back and forth between Ernie and Real in the past few months.The negotiations almost stalemated when the subject of having team managers available for food deliveries came on the rable.Both sides pushed on through, worked together and we are happy to say the ends justify the means.

Ernie has 2 new boards out now and is available for demos across the world.(Mic is now available on weekends and every other Thursdays for any dietary needs Ernie may have in the next 2.5 years so all is good)

Skateboarding is an individual gig.Others can't do it for you.At the end of the day you get out of it what you put into it.Ernie's put everything into it and it's good to see him finally accept that he deserves a baord with his name on it.It's not every day we get to do a first board for someone who came to the team through a friend, comes up on everything he does and still calls us stupid to our face. 

Ernie's boards will be out Jan 20.

Look for a behind the scenes view into what goes on when the whole Real team comes to SF to start work on the new Real Full Length DVD in the Real Jump off DVD 'Life and Times' out Jan 06.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

Thank you,






TRASHER launched a Frenchy version of its magazine !!!

MADA Europe team rider BASTIEN DUVERDIER on the first ever french TRASHER edition!!

Big up's to our promising European rail destroyer !!!

This issue also features ALEXIS JAUZION (French team rider) sporting MADA shirt and GARETH HILL.