REAL Skateboards News!

The Real team stays busy.Its as simple as that.
“How does Real find these guys?” –anonymous skateboard tm
I've been hearing a bunch of this lately.A well known photog just told me that Real has the best team out right now.While that's flattering, we're not taking his word for it.We're getting shit done to prove it.
Nick Dompierre is currently at home in New Bedford, Mass.Shooting an interview for SLAP magazine.He's also sitting on enough footage for both of his parts in Adio's DVD and the new Real full length DVD.But that's not good enough for him.He'll be joining Ernie Torres and Chima Ferguson at the Fast Forward Celebration in Dallas, June 2nd-4th, then off on a Adio trip through the Midwest.
Speaking of Chima, he's killing it stateside.Getting photos in NYC is usually a hard accomplishment for visiting skaters, but that's not the case with Chima.Volcom ads all over the place and photos in all the am issues for mags, he's getting it done.Did you see his part in the Life & Times bonus, if not, do it now.He's making his way from NYC to Dallas to SF to ???
Justin Brock is getting his car fixed, probably with all his photo incentive monies.He was in NYC with the Nike team and just had a nice interview in FTK Magazine.
James Hardy just finished his high school education, congrats.He's currently filming for the Fallen video and the Real video.Jumping from SF to KC to ATL.With a full part in Faith's A Reason To Believe already under his belt, he can't be stopped.
Damian Bravo is filming lines from LA to SF.We can't wait to see a full part from Bravo. His pop and finesse is worth waiting for.
JT Aultz has been on numerous Vox trips. Did you see his In & Out in Skateboarder? He's been up and down the coast with Bravo filming and shooting photos.Driving Bravo crazy with his iPod only filled with One Man Army and the Exploited.
Get your kicks at the HUF store, Chappelle did, so did Lupe Fiasco.Keith has been non stop with his store.And he's amped to get going on the full length video.Check his footage in the Krooked Kronicles' Guest Section.
Ernie Torres was in Italy for 2 weeks with Analog clothing.Now he's back and ready to destroy everything in his path.
Max Schaaf just left on a rigid frame motorcycle trip up the coast.Hitting up all the parks along the way.
Dennis Busenitz is out skating right now, most likely really fast.TWS people said its imperative that he makes it down for the TWS Awards on June 1st. 
Peter Ramondetta's pro shoe on C1RCA is available June 1st, the same day the C1RCA free DVD drops, click here for the dates and locations to see the C1RCA premiere in your town.His pro Spitfire wheel has the DVD with it too.He's currently on a 40 day tour premiering the video.Last part and from what I hear, its insanity.

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