Real Since Day One Premiere Recap


A couple of our guys just got back from a trip up north to see the highly anticipated Real Since Day One premiere. Here is what our own Skip had to say about it. Image courtesy of Thrasher Mag, for more coverage go here.

“Let me start by saying best video I’ve seen in a long time. The premier was Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, and Matt Rodriguez jamming, tall cans in brown bags everywhere you look, some of the biggest names in skateboarding getting ready to watch one of the sickest teams out there. Real’s new pro James Hardy started it off like the fuckin beast he is… definitely deserved first part. This video was full of amazingly gnarly skating and definitely did not disappoint. Everyone had a really good part and I honestly can’t say who had the best…these guys fuckin rip! Ramondetta and Busenitz finished it off with 2 of the best parts I’ve ever seen. But seriously Dennis Busenitz is quickly hitting legendary status. Nobody skates like him you know how he rolls… the faster the better. Reminds me of JOHN CARDIEL and that’s pretty much the best compliment you can get as a skateboarder! Busenitz for SOTY!

All in all this video was amazing. Order it buy it steal it do whatever you gotta do to get a hold of this one you won’t regret it.”