Publish Brand Clothing and J. Cole


Publish Brand Clothing is fairly new but definitely starting to make an impact, it has the attention from J. Cole in his latest music video and recent single “Trouble” with Bei Maejor.  J. Cole seen here in the video wearing the Publish Graft Camo Jacket and looking fresh.  Publish is a clothing brand that is inspired around the principle of manufacturing goods that classic, timeless yet a refined ensemble of premium outerwear, denim and tees.  Through art and innovation they hope to tell a story and learn your story as well in the process.

Available at the following store locations



El Segundo

Irvine Spectrum

Long Beach

Rancho Cucamonga

Santa Monica


You can also see our very own Matt Blanco at our Active Tustin location modeling up some Publish brand clothing in their fall collection.  Unfortunately we don’t have his number but maybe you can pay him a visit :)