Proof DVD Review

So I just finished watching the new Paul Rodriguez Proof DVD and have to say it’s an amazing DVD that’s well worth watching. I’m really liking this new format of am videos and homie videos that are starting to pop up. It’s a breath of fresh air to see great parts from guys who you aren’t that familiar with, and these guys brought the heat with some bangin parts. I was really impressed with Nate Principato, Stevie Perez, Keelan Dadd and Josh Grossguth. Then there was the return of Sam Baptista which I was super stoked on and parts from some familiar names such as Chaz Ortiz, Darrell Stanton and Terell Robinson. But for me the highlights came in the form of P-Rod’s opening montage and the closing part which was shared by Carlos Zarazua, Justin Schulte & Torey Pudwill. The video has a ton of technical skating and is a must watch for any street skater. To purchase a copy click here, or check out our Proof premiere schedule.

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