Possessed To Skate Premier @ Art Theatre in Long Beach!

Photos from David Gonzalez’s EPIC and RAW solo part by THRASHER MAGAZINE premier at the Art Theatre in Long Beach!
Undeniably, Dah-veed is POSSESSED TO SKATE!

Art Theatre in Long Beach
The line was longer than this… this was just the front side.


Alex Valdez!
Active Rider, Alex Valdez… VALDEEZY!

Get in!
Barge it!

David Gonzalez!
The man of the night!!!

Curren Caples!
Curren Caples!

Trying to find seats… came in before the crowd!

Mikal & David!
FliM House homies, Mikal & David Munoz!!!

“Hey, can we get a photo?!?” Yeah sure!!!

Mike Burnett Introduction
The world’s greatest, BURNOUT on the stand introducing David’s Gonzalez’s part!

Dakota Servold & Kevin Barnett
After the vid, Active Am, Dakota Servold with Toy Machine‘s Kevin Barnett, couldn’t believe what he just saw before his very large eyes…

Trevor Colden
Trevor Colden, spotted!

Active Chino Homies!
Active Chino Love!

Geoff Rowley, David Gonzalez, & Christian Hosoi!
Geoff Rowley, David Gonzalez, & Christian Hosoi! Legends!!!

After… Spotted an Active tee!

Hagar Bro!
One of the Hagar brother’s… I think this might be Jared. I’m terrible with twins!

Get outta here...
We gotta get outta this place

Jamie Tancowny & Daniel Lutheran!
Jamie Tancowny & Daniel Lutheran

Greyson Fletcher & Oscar Meza!
Greyson Fletcher & Oscar Meza!!!

Kyle & Jerall!
Kyle from Active San Dimas & Jerall!

FLiM Homies!
FLiM Homies!!!

Brixton & $LAVE‘s Frecks! Also a rad dude that shreds!

Nyjah Huston, Chase Webb, & David Loy!
Nyjah Huston with Active Riders: Chase Webb, & David Loy! Rad Trio!

Collin Provost!
Active Pro, Collin Provost gives David’s part a Terry Richardson thumbs up!

Arto Saari!!!
Yes, Arto Saari Kills it! Peacefully…

Chino Connect!
Chino Connect!

Flip! (off...)
We FLIP it off with Happy Hour‘s Flip!

On to the RED ROOM! (which I didn’t go to… but almost did.)