Plan B Team Demo & Signing at the Active Park!

You seent it straight! The Plan B team at its entirety shut down our beloved private skate park! It was their first ever demo with Chris Cole being on the team. Thanks to everybody who came out! Here is a video & photo recap!

May 23rd we hit Active Rancho for a signing and then Active HQ for a demo to officially welcome Chris Cole to the Plan B Team. Here is the edit and pictures from it. Everyone had a blast, the guys killed it, and all 1,400 of our closest friends were stoked. The signing lasted 3 1/2 hours to make sure all our fans got theirs. Check out Kane Sheckler, Chris Joslin, Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Chris Cole, Pat Duffy, Trevor McClung, PJ Ladd, Scott Decenzo, and Jagger Eaton in action! Photos by Zeke Audiss and Paulo Macedo.”
(via Plan B Skateboards)