Plan B Signings

 The Plan B team cruised through the OC and LA last month, making stops in Costa Mesa and Santa Monica right before the Christmas weekend.  It was an amazing turnout for the fans and the team.  If you weren’t there, you missed out!  Big thanks to Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Colin McKay, Pat Duffy, Pj Ladd, and Scott Decenzo for coming out and signing autographs for everyone! I’d also like to thank Tom from Plan B for making the signings possible!!

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i was at both costa mesa and santa monica. they were both great. got two plan b boards signed. and guess what! sheckler gave me a board! THANKS MAN! hahaa im the guy on the left of the picture with the “New Prod Boards” picture. =]

check out youtube. “plan b signing”

a video i put up

check it out

i agree with hector the costa mesa one was lame 3 people in line damn.. oh well i just went to make time fly ha, so it was like whatevers. only if the other people were there.. i was expectin at least 5 oh well.. maybe next time

this was lame.
i was at costa mesa and paul rodriguez left!
there’s was only sheckler,decenzo, and ladd there.
this was horrible!
really erika!? come on!
give us another team please!