Plan B Demo Video w/ Paul Rodriguez

video by Prince Gilchrist

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Riverside Active was host to a massive Plan B demo Sat May 17th, 2008. Our family member and good friend Paul Rodriguez was in the house laying down the law. His teammates Jereme Rogers, Colin McKay, Ryan Sheckler, and the man the myth, the legend Danny Way all skated and sign tons of autographs. Check out the highlight reel!!

The demo was dope. I met Sheckler and jereme in the active shop. there was no one in the because the shut the doors and i sneek in. I took pictures with both of them it was awesome. then later Jereme Rodgers gave my little bro his board that he was using in the demo autograph. This was a good day.

I met ryan sheckler nd the rest of the cast of life of ryan at the gas station acroos the street from riverside active it was so tite nd then prod nd jereme walked in nd i talked to them for like 5 minutes best day ever