Plan B Demo Photos

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The Plan B Demo went off like a bomb. The demo was so massive and there were so many people there that it got shut down a couple hours early. People came from far and wide to see Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Jereme Rogers, Danny Way, Colin McKay, and PJ Ladd skate the street course in the 100+ degree weather. The skateboarding was amazing for the time it lasted, we will have a video up later this week. The Plan B team attempted to sign for the crowd, but it was too crazy for everyone to get an autograph and people were swarming P Rod, Sheckler and the rest of the crew. The guys stuck around and signed for a while while they still could, but the demo had to get shut down due to it’s magnitude. Fuel TV was there covering the event for The Weekly Update as well as for The Daily Habit. The shows should be airing soon and we will let you know when you can check them out.

Thanks to the entire Plan B Team, Sean Hayes, everyone from Active who worked and helped out inside and outside of the store and helped to make this demo a huge success.

All Photos: Erica Yary


i wanted to see ryan sheckler
but since they shut it down its all good
that i didnt go

the same thing happend to tillys
in long beach so its IGGHHTT!

but still im a little sad :[

i didnt go cause they said sheckler MIGHT be there
but whatever!

Hey active can you post some pics of the new drop sneakers not bombs shoes? Please and can you say what shoes your doin this year?