PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life

Here is PJ Ladds amazing part from Coliseums “PJ Ladds Wonderful Horrible Life” video. At a time when most of skateboarding was focused on big rails and dropping hammers, PJ was doing long, smooth, super teched out lines that most skaters can only dream of.  He was flipping in & out and doing combos on ledges, pulling mind boggling flat ground tricks, as well as throwing big bangers down stairs & rails. Every time I watch this I discover a new favorite trick or line.

P.S. PJ had no major sponsors when this came out… crazy!

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PJ was doing this **** pre-fully flared & pre-yeah right. He was definitely ahead of his time with this part.

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it kinda sucks…

Pj has mad tricks and can hang with big dogs, but sayin koston cant top him is just RETARDED!!!!

damn this guy is legend

no one can top this
not even “Eric Koston, Mike Mo, Chris Cole, and Billy Marks
because PJ has his own unique style

i hate Pj Ladd due to his sketch style. Eric Kosten, Mike Mo, Chris Cole, and Billy Marks have a way more not only aggressive but a cleaner style.

Pj just doesnt toot my horn