Pizza & Hessians – Westwood

Active Westwood hosted the second Game of Skate in our Hot Dogs and Hessians summer tour. Many competed, only one could be named the winner, and his name was Matt LeMond. Matt beat out the other LA locals and got hooked up with a ton of free stuff in the process. The Hessians brought out the prize wheel which people were spinning in hopes that they would land on a challenge that they would be willing to perform and get some free goods for doing so.

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Video by Daniel Haney

The LA Film Festival was also going on the day as our event as well as for the week following our event. The festival had a stage set up where friends to Active, Casket Salesmen and Jettison Babies performed with The Germs. The Hessians were of course in full effect, stage dives and all. Check out the photos and video to see all the action.

All photos: Erica Yary