Pizza & Hessians in Santa Clarita

santa clarita crowd

Here's the wrap up, some photos and a video from our Hot Dogs &amp Hessians tour stop at Santa Clarita Skatepark last Friday the 15th of June.

Sean Harris — backside nollie 540 bigspin on the hip corner over the rail, enough said. Oh wait, Owen AKA Mr. Franklin killing it and breaking his finger! The dude tried to pop it back it, but it was a compounded fracture. You don't just pop that back in. Crazy guy!! Lots of enthusiasm and head bangin fueled by pizza from Lampost (no BBQ so we had to resort to plan F). I know what you're thinking what happened to plans B thru E and what were they? And I say to you, quiet your face. Don't miss the next stop or I'll send in for plan G:

Words: Corey Cady


Video by Daniel Haney

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at least the video had skating in it,

not just kids with ketchup on their heads

eating hot dogs off the floor… :/