Pee Wee Sherman Rail Jam Pt. 1

The day finally came and I had to catch a few flights to make my way to Wisconsin to attend the 3rd annual Pee Wee Sherman Rail Jam.  I knew it would be a fast trip, however I did not know it would provide so many laughs and the opportunity to meet new people.  Josh Sherman, Ryan Thompson  and myself would all be making our way to Wisconsin. 

 In hopes of getting a better seat on the airplane, I decided to arrive at that airport early.  After being shut down, and basically told that I would have an uncomfortable 3 hour flight to Minnesota. 

To kill a little time, I wandered off to the fine bar at the Airport. 

 Quotes overheard at the OC Air Port:

  • I just ran away from ReHab-While Slamming a double Jager shot at  10:30 a.m.
  • I was arrested by Homeland Security (girl who just had the double Jager.
  • I was mauled by a goat in the Virgin Islands (again same girl)

I wish I had a photo to share with you, but it was just a little awkward to get the shot. 


 RT was the first to make it to Wisconsin, and with a few hours to kill, he took a quick tour of the finer downtown Milwaukee area, courtesy of Jody Sherman. 

img_0069.JPG While on the ride, they came across this little gem.  Enough said.   

Shortly after I land, we come to find out that Josh had missed his flight, I guess this is something that is rather common.  Fortunately Josh was able to grab a later flight, only thing is, it landed in Chicago, at 1 a.m.. 


 We hit the terminal to decide if we would drive down to Chicago to meet Josh. Really there was not much to decide, we needed to finish our $4 drinks, and jump in the car for a road Trip to Chicago, piloted by Josh’s mom of course.