pedal people

We’re still pedaling our bikes down hwy 101.  We’ve made it 500 miles so far, crossed the OR/CA border, and stayed in Arcata last night.  This town is cool; a good mix of hippies and punk rockers.  Zac Marben would have totally fit in.  He was originally supposed to go on this trip with us, but bailed the last second.  He would have been a fun camping buddy, since he’s a gypsy type already. Pierre has been telling me about his new People film project with Justin Eels, Gabe L’heureux, & Cory Koniniec, and it’s going to be great.  They aren’t under the Mack Dawg umbrella any more and are going independent.  I’ll have more news on that real soon; big news for snowboard movie fans! I just got confirmation of getting credentials into the Icer Air contest in SF on the 18th.   I saw some photos from Andy Wright of last years contest, wild shit.  I bet the pre and after parties will be insane too.  Perfect timing for the end of my bicycle tour.Well, I’m off for some more biking.  Stay tuned for when I show the photos from this trip; some real jems I tell ya.  Adios!