Paul Rodriguez Signing Photos

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There’s nothing worse than a super star, with a crappy attitude, promoting your label or name. Luckily for us, we here at Active are blessed to have P Rod reppin’ hard for the big A. Paul Rodriguez has been grinding on the streets with us this past fall big time, trying to get at all the fans who respect his amazing style, ability, and mellow attitude. With every signing producing 200-500 people, one has to sit back and say, “Wow”. The dude is big time for all the right reasons. Reasons like, helping open the a new park in Wilmington CA, winning the Maloof Cup, representing sick on a potentially corny Dew tour on MTV, CBS, etc, which is rare for skateboarders these days and signing for 5 ½ at a Chino Active signing, never once showing frustration. Ok you get the point, the dude is legit! Here’s some photos of the man getting down with the fans at the Brea Active. Enjoy!