bullshit…*** to westwood or sum **** like that,, quit givin temecula and them all da signings…and do some sean malto signings he needs some props to…that dood is sick

Yeah i already met him :]]
Come on Active make a Matix,Almost,Girl,Enjoi,Mystery, or Plan B signing.
Bring them to Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Brea, or Active in Orange.
Everybody would go to the signing.

Oh and when i met P-Rod he was like 2 hours late @ the signing in Tustin.

If you are going to go, be there at LEAST an hour early, because it is hell to stand out there waiting for 4 hours to get a signature and picture. I went to the last Paul Rodriguez signing over at Temucula, and it was crazy, but still, thanks Active for the signings and events you guys do and i willl be there for game of girl!!!