Paul Rodriguez Shoe Release Party

Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.

Nike threw Paul Rodriguez a grand bash for his shoe release and it was a very unique event. The guest list was small and exclusive and was held at the Getty Museum in Brentwood, CA. Fellow Plan B Team Riders Danny Way, Colin McKay and a handful of Paul's close friends all celebrated at the Getty in the name of the P-Rod 2's.

Active brought out 10 lucky P Rod fans who got to mingle with the man of the hour along with the rest of the guests. The 10 got to go in a limo to the event, get a bunch of free stuff and even get to hang with their favorite pro's that were in the house last night, lucky guys.

Nike showed a small montage of footage from across the world of where Paul's shoe had been released and people from all over the world seemed just as psyched as America.

Erik Bragg decided to be the photo-journalist for the evening so, these are his photos.

Thanks to Nike for inviting Active and our 10 guests and Congratulations to Paul on your new shoe!


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dan is so f**kin retarded p-rod is so cool both of his shoes are so sick and hes hispanic thats even sweeter cause i am too

he said plan b is really dope, that means that he likes them, not that they suck big ones. genius.

P-rod is so consistent he hardly ever bails. The colorways that Omar is holding up look so sick.