Paul Rodriguez Proof Teaser

Here’s a teaser for the new Paul Rodriguez video entitled “Proof” by Nigel Alexander and P-Rod.

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Now Available

you have no idea how excited i just got when i looked on here and saw the name of that song

and yeah that was a textbook hardflip with a super short run up i might add. i also loved the switch flip over the rail, it just floats up to his feet so cleanly. and last but not least i gotta give darrell stanton some serious credit on that backside noseblunt, that was serious

So yeah…besides that textbook Hardflip….that sick-ass song is called “Hayling” by FC Kahuna… it drove me crazy and I found it…w3rd.

M you realize that font was painted on that planter by the students of 2005-2006 first grade class right? it says it on the ledge

anyways that isn’t important, what is important is finding out the name of that song

My name is Paul too!

That video is so freaking sick I’ve never see insane slowmo editing like that either.

i didn’t feel that the font in the end was consistent with the legitimacy of the filming and editing. i hope that font doesn’t show up in the real film and spoil the hard work paul and nigel are putting into this film.

great direction aside from the choice/use of the font.

go with a sans serif font like a helvetica. you can never go wrong.

Hats off to Nigel & P-Rod, this looks amazing! Great song, great editing and all the slow-mo stuff is perfect. Stoked to see the bar getting raised on skate videos, it’s about time.