Paul Rodriguez Nike Signing – Wrap Up

P Rod Simi Signing

March 24th Simi Valley hosted a signing with Paul Rodriguez and the turn out was great. Paul rolled into the store, signed autographs and took photos with the patient people who had been waiting in line. Nike gave away t-shirts, pins and stickers to every single person in line and Chipotle provided free burritos for everyone who attended the event as well.

By the end of the event there were two men outside posting signs that prohibited skateboarding and basically anything that has to do with rolling on two or more wheels. Unicycling is totally fine.

Thanks to NIKE, Hunter, Kevin, Simi Valley, Chipotle and everyone else who made this signing go off!


P-Rod is a gangsta. nike owns all other shoe companies. and chipotle are the best burritos ever. thats one ***** awesome signing.

why da **** arent there any signings in westwood. the whole ******* la county would go. have one there.