Paul Rodriguez and Braydon Szafranski Signing – Wrap Up


Irvine Active Welcomes Paul Rodriguez and Braydon Szafranski to the Active Professional Team

This past Saturday, July 28th, P Rod and Braydon fans lined the walls of Active Irvine, waiting for hours and catching a glimpse of Active's two newest additions to the team. They lined up as early as 8am with their Nikes P Rod's, Plan B decks and Baker decks in hand. Paul and Braydon signed and took photos all afternoon and Irvine was as usual, a great audience.

Also check out the newest issue of The Skateboard Mag for Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston and Erik Ellington's interviews.

All photos: Mark Rabe



those p-rods where a part of the paul podriquez elite artist series desighed by tinker haterfield the head desigher for jordan brand they where realesed three years ago they now sell for 500-600$ dollars

active had them for 130$ realese date

Sounds like a great event! Great write up by Erica! I’m bummed that I missed the event (due to a prior engagement).