Patrick Ryan Interview

patrick ryan fs air
Patrick FS air

Patrick Ryan is another little grom that is commin up fast. Check out this interview.

1. Who do you usually skate with? Lots of different kids, depending on where we go

2. What's that one trick that you can't seem to do consistently? Heelflip blunt.

3. What music have you been listening to lately? Ozzy, Motley Crue, Green Day

4. What are your daily rituals before skating? Mountain Dew!!

5. Who was the first skateboarder you saw in person that blew your mind? Brent Atchley and Daewon Song, Christian Hosoi—Pools!

6. What is your daily skate spot? Backyard, really don't have one

7. What is your city to skate? Fullerton/Brea

8. How many years have you been skating? 3

9. What do you like doing besides skateboarding? Surfing, video games, watch American Chopper

10. In your opinion, who is killing it right now? Collin Provost, Darrell Stanton, that's a hard question, so many people ripping.