Paint it Red – 2009-2010 Season Video By Bear Mtn [Full Movie]

Missed Hot Dawgz & Handrails? Not to worry, Bear Mountain still is providing us with work/school procrastination material by releasing for free their Paint it Red movie.

“The 26 minute feature, which showcases the talents of Chris Bradshaw, Keegan Valaika, Joey Sexton, Scott Stevens, Scott Vine, Zak Hale, Dylan Alito, Johnny Paxson, Chris Grenier, JP Walker, Desiree Melancon, Ryan Paul and others, was shot entirely in and around Big Bear┬áMountain Resort during the 2009-2010 season.”

Below is the full movie. Hopefully this reminds you of that the season is almost upon us. Luckily, Active is receiving shipments of new snow products daily so be sure to check it out.