HUF just released their Hupper 2, a take on a classic shoe construction. A simple design with a focus on comfort and support for your everyday skateboarding needs. Reversed engineered for durability. Whether you’re kickflipping bump to bars or taking your girl to dinner these shoes have you covered. Everyone will be jealous of the H on your feet so you do yourself a favor and grab a pair today!

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RECAP: Atiba & Ako’s Last Night

Last Night was a secret show that the Jefferson bro’s Atiba & Ako were putting together. I didn’t know who was playing and found out the day of that it was Explosions In the Sky, Future Islands, & Animal Collective headlining among other cult acts. Last Night Ruled! Shout out to Bucky & Katie for the invite :)

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JENKEM: Lucas Beaufort’s “Devoted” Documentary Teaser

Is print really dead? The question we’ve been asking since the digital age takeover. Lucas Beaufort digs real deep in this documentary called “Devoted” bringing in all the OG skateboarding heads with their take on the issue. Watch this teaser for the film scheduled to release in June 2017. Be sure to also check out his interview on Jenkem’s website.

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Jacob Messex “JUST SKATING” Photo Show @ Kingswell

My homie Jacob Messex had a photo show held at KINGSWELL in Los Feliz. A good formula for a good skateboarding photo is having the right lighting + angle + skateboarder + photographer. Jacob nails it all. Peep his photos and some photos from the opening night.

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