Anna, you need to get a fucken life, tricccck. **** DonnaKylee has a point your the one that needs to get a fucken brain. What the ****, fucken trick, bitchassmotherfuckeeer.

The girl at the Valencia signing who was standing next to P-ROD wearing a pink shirt was pretty lame. lady get a life, I know you want him but P-Rod is taken.

Umm , for P-Rod , can you please please please come to Active Mission Valley , I think ? or I think it’s Active Fashion Valley . @ San Diego . I really wanna meet you again (: The last time I met you was on November 22, 2009 @ Active Las Americas , San Ysidro . I would really appreciate it if you come over here and do a signing again . 😀 I really need your autograph , ckos’ the last time you signed my step-dad threw it away . 😛 & I think you’re the besteresteresterestest skater in the world & yoy inspire me the most out of Ryan Sheckler & Rob Dyrdek (; I’m only thirteen years old , & I used to skate but my mom made me quit , so it would really help if you come over here & try to convince or impress my mom what skatings all about so I can skate again . & Yes , I’m a girl & I really really admire you P-Rod <3 Please contact me on myspace or on twitter; or by anything comment me back please ! Love you Paul Rodriguez ! (:

Do one in the riverside area seriously or at least near l.a. Seriously wut up with all the gay locations

Is P-Rod going to act like hes too “Hollywood” again? Is Active really going to have him there even after the fact that they are going out of business?

Yeah Hector is right!, and also what happened with $35 all (team) boards when there was a signing!?

Really Erica!?
Stop it with the p-rod signings!
and stop it with the same locations.
Bring a team to Orange,Tustin,Irvine or Long Beach.
Just do it.
Gets annoying.