P Rod & Braydon Signing- July 28th

Paul & Braydon Signing 2

Active and Hubba Wheels would like to welcome Active's two newest Professionals, Paul Rodriguez and Braydon Szafranski, to the Active Mailorder Team

P Rod &amp Braydon will be Signing on July 28th, 1-3pm at Active Irvine

3851 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606

Come one, come all!

im so bummed i missed this! does anyone know if p-rod is coming to SF for anything or anywhere near there? lol

hahah dan my man, you seem a little obsessedd. you should just show up and see what happens

Do you guy’s think they’ll sign two items? I plan on taking a deck and some shoes. Also, do you guys know if they will be taking quick pics?

P-Rod is changing the game day after day, and the nickname “P-Rod” is gnarly who the hell is “A-Rod” anymore (NYYanks)

I’ve already met P-Rod
this guy’s is the nicest pro you’ll ever meet
I wish I could go to meet Braydon tho :[