On A Roll: Tim Aguilar

“It is possible to shoot an entire roll of film within an hour but people often take their time and shoot the same roll over the course of a couple weeks. Every time I load my camera for On A Roll I am going to be taking the slow approach in hopes to check in with as many Active riders as possible.”

1 Nolan Miskell
Spilling blood is nothing new to Nolan, now he embraces the pain Nolan Miskell is Active’s newest Am and is well on his way to being a full-fledged WIZARD! Blood Wizard will be releasing his welcome to the team part before summer ends and it is sure to make you second guess who your favorite skater is.
2 J&J
A couple ping pong Instagram videos is enough to get these two pumped to play all day  Jeremy and Jon have both adapted to the laid back Long Beach life very well and have no shortage of friends to skate or hang out with. You can usually spot these two bright and early at Vans HB unless they are out of town or its bike day.
3 J&J
Jeremy setting up a new board as Jon talks about PRJ’s
4 jon
Jon Dickson – FS 5-0 grind
5 jon
Jeremy Leabres – Floating Backside Ollie’s with ease
Don’t let the hair mislead you, Erik Bragg is full of witty comebacks and great ideas

ETN is the first network of its kind which live streams skateboarding events and more importantly their original lineup of shows. Erik Bragg who is often found looking into a RED camera is the mastermind behind the way ETN is changing how we watch skateboarding. Toy Machine recently took on the challenge of ETN’s show Jumping Fences which is basically a battle against security to get a trick. Active Pros Billy Marks and Dan Lu were brave enough to take on the task alongside their blood sucking teammates Leo Romero and Blake Carpenter.

7 Billy
The big day had arrived and I had signed up to chauffer NHL Fantasy star Billy Marks to Long Beach, and I showed up to early
8 etn
Fast forward a couple hours and it’s time to go live, all eyes on Billy
9 Dan Lu
Dan Lu ollie over to hill bomb at the second spot of the show
Billy and Dan Lu watch Blake conquer the spot
Billy tests his luck with the huge scratcher he offered the security guard in exchange for more time at the spot. Will he ever stop gambling?
Erik and Billy discuss future endeavors while waiting for their food
Free beers and free food make Billy a happy man after a long day of heckling