Old Skateboarders – The Older I Get, The Angrier I Get

Future Anger

Hello again skateboard connoisseurs! This week's gripe is all too common for us older skateboarders. The older you get, the more you're going to hear this kind of stuff, so prepare yourself. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to break your arm, leg, ankle, or are even rocking a slight limp you're going to hear this question, “What happened to you?” You'll probably reply with, “I took a spill (or slam) on my skateboard.” If you're as old, as I am, the next thing you will hear is, “You still skateboard?”

Unfortunately, I never got a memo that said there was an age limit to have fun, so yes, I still skateboard. What the hell makes these people believe they know what's best for me? For those of you reading this, watch out for these kind of people, they will probably look something like this:

Hip Cop Ya Don't Stop

For arguments sake, if you tripped over a crack on your Sunday morning walk with the dogs and broke your arm, and I told you to stop walking, you would think I was insane. So for those of you out there that think you know “best”, stop telling me that I should stop skating because of some small accident. You can do anything and get hurt, shit happens. Even Grandma knitting your Christmas sweater can get just as hurt as I can on my skateboard, so take that wisdom of yours and shove it where the sun don't shine, because I don't want to hear it!!

I’m always looking around for websites with older people that began what they left off when they were younger. That’s inspiration. It’s never too late.

I’m 37 and I started skating again last year. I couldn’t resist with a skate park down the street. Bails hurt a hell of a lot more now than when I was 14, but I love it.

Hi Fellow Older Guy…

I know the feeling.

I just bought a cruiser and am mulling over why society and my wife think it is a bad thing. That I have reached an age where I should hang up athletic stuff.

Because the fact is: I AM AN ATHLETE.

So I considered the other athletic venues:

– golf – nope, dont like those sport shirts with the patterns on them or the alpha males who wear them.

– football – nope, it is dangerous.

– baseball – nope, you have to go out and find people to play.

– badmiton – nope, for having such a bad name it sounds gay.

– fishing – nope, have to get in the car and wait to long for results.

– Rugby – been there, done that. See “football” above.

– soccer – too lazy and you still need a team.

– hunting – Like to shoot. Hate to kill.

I know there are many more sports but playing dominoes in the park or bingo isnt fun enough.

It only takes a push to get a skateboard going. That’s how it is with old guys. Once youve experienced it …. why stop.

Thing is…people limit themselves and others when they make up categories like too old, too young, too black or too white. Mr. Older Guy, together, let’s tear down those categories.


pretty obvious u were gonna use a cop for this. ur clock is ticking greg. tick tock tick tock….haha

Getting old must blow i wonder how your life is gona be when your 80 are you gona be the angry old guy who sits on his porch throwing stuff and kids when they walk by? Therapy is good to consider